THE ARTIST: Angelique Daniels

I am a self taught Artist from Michigan.  I have lived in Las Vegas for nearly 30 years.  I worked with the LATE GREAT Ms. Annie Lee who inspired me to pursue my passion for Art.  One of my missions is to introduce everyone to the JOY OF PAINTING.  I am also a living kidney donor.  I gave my kidney to my husband in August of 2019!   I would one day like to use my Art to support anyone that has been affected by kidney disease.

I am also a partner with LIFE TODAY, a Christian organization. I make a  monthly donation to THE SHOE PROJECT that provides kids in Africa with shoes. Shoes were a problem for me as a child. I wore a size 12 shoe in 6th grade! Today, I wear a size 13 shoe and have realized it's what makes me special! When you visit my studio in Las Vegas you will see many paintings of shoes.  That was the beginning of my Art career.

I showed my Artist friend Annie Lee and she loved the idea.  November 2014 she passed away, Her spirit is what keeps me painting!


Angelique Daniels